The best restaurants in Montenegro

Rest in any country of the world involves familiarity with its gastronomic features.

Having planned a vacation in Montenegro, you will have the opportunity to taste dishes, first of all, national, Balkan cuisine. At the same time, Montenegrin cuisine itself is not homogeneous. If in the mountains priority is given to meat and dairy dishes, since the local landscape is conducive to livestock breeding, then coastal areas widely use the preparation of fish and seafood. The national cuisine of Montenegro is united by the high quality and freshness of the original products – the fertile Mediterranean climate and fertile lands allow you to grow delicious vegetables and fruits, as well as produce organic meat and milk, which serve as the raw material for the whole variety of Montenegrin dishes.

Also in Montenegro, Mediterranean cuisine is widely represented, there are restaurants and cafes with Russian cuisine, as well as Japanese and Korean cuisine.

We invite you to get acquainted with several magnificent places that are rightfully considered the best Montenegrin restaurants. They are guaranteed to offer you first-class food, drinks and atmosphere. You can spend a romantic evening here or a noisy friendly feast, and you will definitely be satisfied!

TOP of the most famous restaurants in Montenegro

Restaurant Stari Mlini
Location: Luta
Address: Ljuta BB, 85330
Table reservation: +382 32 333 555
The Stari Mlni is a former farm with water-driven flour mills and was only turned into a restaurant fairly recently. Stari Mlini’s chefs constantly strive to change the menu presented to their customers, while always using fresh and local ingredients. In particular, Stari Mlini offers fish-based meals, cooked with seafood freshly sourced from the near Adriatic: the restaurant is in fact located in Kotor, on Montenegro’s awe-inspiring coastline. The old mill, wood and stone décor, luscious greenery and small bridges crossing the lively streams create a peaceful atmosphere in which to enjoy your food.

Restaurant Cesarica

Location: Kotor
Address: Starigrad 375, 85330, Kotor
Table reservation: +382 69 049 733

Authentic Montenegrin cuisine in the heart of old Kotor. Cesarica is a family restaurant with a cozy traditional stone interior. All dishes are prepared according to old recipes, and the fish is caught every day by the owner himself.
Specialties: fried octopus with olives, tomatoes and onions.

Restaurant Catovica Mlini
Location: Morin
Address: Konoba Ćatovica Mlini; 85338 Morinj
Table reservation: +382 32 373 030
The Catovica Mlni restaurant can be found in the small village of Morinj, halfway between the better-known Herceg Novi and Kotar. Catovica Mlni means ‘the Catovic’s Mills’: and the Catovic family has used their mills for nearly 200 years to make flour here. The family eventually turned the business into a restaurant, but the mills are still there, as is the water stream that made them turn. Today, the romantic mills make for a beautiful setting to this konoba (the Serbian word for ‘restaurant’). But the magical scenery is only a backdrop to the excellent menu, which mainly includes fish dishes, but also delicious homemade cheese, prosciutto and local wine.

Restaurant Galion
Location: Kotor
Address: Šuranj bb, 85330, Kotor
Table reservation: +382 32 311 300

Located in one of the most famous places in Montenegro overlooking the Bay of Kotor, the Galion restaurant is considered a place for an elite holiday against the backdrop of stunning scenery of the old town, the bay and the surrounding mountains.
Specialties: international seafood cuisine, Montenegrin cuisine, exquisite wine list.


Location: Tivat
Cuisine: Fish and steak

There is nothing random about this place. The sea and the mountains bring the richness of flavors to the international a-la-carte restaurant. The restaurant pays a special attention to the natural and organic ingredients.
Wine makes people and music more passionate and adorns food with flavors. Therefore, the selection of wines is carefully chosen in order to satisfy the most refined savors.
Besides the outstanding food, the restaurant is taking a good care of the service quality. You will enjoy not only the cuisine of your choice but also the interior, accomplished by the famous Serbian architect.

Помимо отличной кухни, ресторан уделяет большое внимание качеству обслуживания. Вам понравится не только кухня по вашему выбору, но и интерьер, выполненный известным сербским архитектором.


Location: Regent Porto Montenegro
Cuisine: Mediterranean, European

Murano brings casual, unhurried luxury to the forefront, with expertly crafted dishes that showcase the very best seasonal produce. Taking inspiration from its position next to the glittering superyacht marina and Boka Bay, the menu centers around fresh seafood, prepared with locally sourced and organic herbs – all offering a distinctive take on the regional Adriatic cuisine.
The team of restaurant create tailor-made culinary journeys with recommendations from a vast array of appetizers, soups, pastas, and a delicious selection of entrees and flame grilled dishes. An excellent collection of wines, many from local boutique Montenegrin vineyards, complement the dishes impeccably.
This dining haven inspires through an intriguing environment created by the casual approach to dining joint with captivating artwork by Svetlana Ostapovici as well as spectacular chandeliers and a colour palette showcasing the Venetian craftsmanship on the island of Murano.

Perla Café Lounge & Restaurant

Location: Budva
Address: Mediteranska bb, Budva, 85310
Table reservation: +382 68 808 080

The restaurant is located in the heart of touristic Budva. Perla is a modern and stylish restaurant that is popular throughout the year.
Specialties: cocktails, pasta, risotto, fish, meat.
Dessert: traditional pastries, Perla chocolate cake.