May is a wonderful time to relax in Montenegro

The Mediterranean climate is typical for the coastal zone of Montenegro, so warm sunny weather already prevails in May with an average monthly daily temperature of about 22 ° C, after May 20 the day temperature may well reach 26 ° C, and the water warms up to 20-22 ° C. There are practically no waves in the sea, and the water of the Adriatic is clean and transparent. This weather is quite conducive to sunbathing and the opportunity to soak up the beach. Especially the brave ones are already swimming.

Remarkable is the absence of crowds of tourists, the ability to sit on the beach freely so that no one violates your personal space. At the same time, cafes and restaurants are already working, and you have everything for a comfortable stay!

Warm sunny weather, the absence of sweltering heat in May give you an excellent opportunity to explore the incredible sights of Montenegro. This time is perhaps the best for visiting the Lovcen National Park and taking pictures from its peak (just take warm clothes with you, the height of the mountain is 1749 m), as well as for visiting Skadar Lake, where the water level is still high and the water surface has not yet had time to overgrow and the scenery looks amazing!