Oak Leaf Residences - COVID-free oasis.

The health of you and your loved ones in the COVID era is the most important value earning the trust of Oak Leaf Residences guests.

We offer our guests Covid Safe Accommodation - a secluded, safe and relaxing stay in a luxurious private villa with its own plot and private pool on the seaside.

In addition to minimizing contact with other guests by living in isolation, we have taken special epidemiological measures:

  • Provision of a contactless service that excludes the contact of guests with service staff and guests of other villas.
  • Daily monitoring of the body temperature of each employee. Above 36.9 degrees, employees are not allowed into the complex.
  • Our employees constantly use personal protective equipment (masks and gloves).
  • Villas, reception, restaurant and bar are cleaned with professional antibacterial agents.
  • The use of quartz in the premises of the restaurant, bar and reception.
  • We provide additional antiseptics and personal protective equipment for all premises of the complex.
  • The tables in the restaurant are at least 2 meters apart.
  • Food and drinks from the restaurant and bar can be delivered to your villa on request.
  • Guests and visitors will have temperature checks upon arrival at the complex. Anyone with a temperature of 36.9 degrees or above is not permitted to enter the complex. Thank you for your patience and understanding and for following our instructions. We do this for your safety.
  • If an elevated body temperature is detected, as well as in the presence of a coronavirus infection (COVID-19), the hotel has the right to refuse the guest and accompanying persons to provide hotel services.

The hotel has the right to offer the guest and accompanying persons a villa for self-isolation without changing the price, provided that the guest immediately goes to a medical facility and undergoes a coronavirus infection (COVID-19) test at his own expense.